Spiral Stairs

08/01/2021 Marie


Domino Media




France / Benelux


Adrien Kremer


Spiral Stairs est le projet solo du guitariste mythique de Pavement, Scott Kannberg.

Son dernier album « Doris and the Daggers » est sorti le 24 Mars 2017 sur le label Domino Recordings.


It’s been eight years since Scott Kannbergaka Spiral Stairs, released any new music. He knows that. The years just have a habit of slipping away sometimes.

The Real Feel – the Pavement guitarist and Preston School Of Industry leader’s 3rd album – arrived in 2009, just as Pavement were announcing a hugely successful burst of reunion shows through 2010. “Then, after the Pavement shows, I moved with my wife to go live in a house in the country near Brisbane, in Australia,” the amiable Scott remembers, of those years of seeming inactivity. “Then we had a kid, and that sort of got in the way. I tried to do music, but all of a sudden it was two years later and I’m mowing my lawn and tending my garden.”

« Doris And The Daggers « was recorded over a more civilised, considered batch of short sessions at Exactamundo studios in Eagle Rock, California. Long-time low-end foil Matt Harris returned on bass duties, while the drum-stool was adopted by Broken Social Scene’s Justin Peroff. The trio cut 30 songs in all, while a number of Scott’s close musical friends stepped in to make some key contributions. Peroff’s Broken Social Scene cohort Kevin Drew sang on Emoshuns, Kelley Stoltz lent guitar to the summery chime of AWM, and The National’s Matt Berninger lends vocals to the bittersweet, zephyr-light Exiled Tonight. “Matt’s a friend,” says Scott , “and I actually wrote that song for him to sing – while I was writing it I was thinking, how would Matt sing this? And when I told him about the song he said, ‘You have to sing this!’ And so we both sing on it.”

The anxious, paranoid narrative of album opener ‘Dance’ (Cry Wolf), meanwhile, is leavened by a stomping, danceable vibe, with Scott allying chords with a Wire-ish feel to a Roxy Music, David Bowie groove. “It’s positive, a kind of ‘Dance away the pain’ thing,” says Scott.




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