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Beginning the drums at the age of 4, then bass and guitar at 9, Junior Rodriguez plays in several bands since 14 years old (Dick Rivers, Waxx, Inhatred, Airnadette, LoudBlast, Betraying the Martyrs, and many other…).

From Hellfest to Glastonbury, with more than 800 shows throughout the world, even bringing him to the Us. This jack-of-all has even lived in Los Angeles and shared a project with Tili, Dave Grohl (Nirvana, Foo Fighters) and Alain Johannes (Queens of the Stone Age, Chris Cornell, Them Crooked Vultures…).

He goes solo in 2014, claiming a right for unconsciousness, for hasard. He records alone, instrument by instrument. Massive riffs, sustained rhythms, possessed solos … It all feels organic.

He released a first Ep containing the already incredible « Sweet Demon » then a second in which « Heavenlips » and « Cactus Seed » became flagship titles.
Junior believes that creation must remain fragile, moving, instantaneous. Through his hyperactivity, and his overflow of creativity he offers originality, his shows are hypnotic. It is no longer a question of fighting, but of taming. Of opening doors…

The french director Albéric Jouzeau accidentally attends one of Junior’s first solo concerts. Conquered, he challenges him to go to Iceland and document the genesis of a new song. In order to create through these astonishing landscapes a unique work with a rudimentary equipment. It results « Starting From Nowhere », a moving documentary series that brings us closer to the artist through a mystical and musical adventure. After a sold out premiere at the legendary Grand Rex in Paris, the series will be released on YouTube on May 3, 2019.

This adventure leeds to an album including the first single « Just Like You » mixed by Mark Stent (Oasis, Muse, Bjork, U2, Paul McCartney, Madonna, Beyoncé …) at the East West Studio in Los Angeles, to be released on May 20, 2019.
The release of the album « Stellar Dream » is scheduled for October 4, 2019.

This will be followed up by an European tour that looks promising.

« If Led Zeppelin was just one guy and was French, then Led Zepp would be Junior Rodriguez » Classic Rock Magazine UK.

This is just the beginning…
Mia Rozenbaum – The Huffington Post Uk




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