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07/01/2021 Marie






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Adrien Kremer


A futuristic fever dream is Neon Fever Dream, the new album by Compact Disk Dummies. On their second long player, the West Flemish MIA winners Lennert and Janus Coorevits dream of holograms, drones, drugs, heat and loneliness. To wake up, to open the curtain and realize that fiction does not exist. Neon Fever Dream is the coming of age of the Dummies and transforms the confusion of our time into a dark, menacing, yet oh so danceable pop record.

In 2017, the title flashes in his head: Neon Fever Dream. That will be it. Lennert Coorevits quickly takes pen and paper and draws a small, windowless, neon-lit hotel that sinks into quicksand. The drawing depicts the alienation that arouses a fever dream. The atmosphere of the desolate hotel and the neon light take him to the sixties in his mind, reminding Lennert of science fiction novels. He crawls through the rabbit pipe, slides down and enters the futuristic world of authors like J.G. Ballard (« The Drought »), Herbert Frank (« Dune ») and Philip K. Dick (« Do Android’s Dream of Electric Sheep? »). « To realize then, » says Lennert, « that the seemingly absurd vision of the future that they wrote about in the 1960s has now become a reality. »

Three years after that one flash and drawing, there is now Neon Fever Dream, the hotel is a village, and the fever dream has grown into a long player, about growing up in the new, technological world, about love, about sex, about intoxication and all what has become truth. The new album starts very jazzy, very seventies, with saxophones that evoke the dream, after which the fiction becomes non-fiction and the Dummies draw you into reality, in their known universe of synths, drums and strings.

Janus: « Musically everything started with Columbo, the American detective series from the 1970s. Lennert put me on that track. Columbo’s intro raised questions about me: what makes that music so spherical, so dreamy? From that question the jazzy intro of our record arose, and we dressed up the rest of the songs, in our own way.  »
Lennert: « Especially the latter counts: your own way. In music too, the complexity of our world, the Unheimlichkeit, often leads to indifference. It’s so easy to impersonate a genre or a musician indiscriminately. It is just up to the young people to create their own world, with their own ideas, their own sound. This record has been influenced by fiction fiction novels, including the film scores by François de Roubaix and Piero Umiliani, but Neon Fever Dream is mainly our own twist, it is our own interpretation of the world around us.  »

When Compact Disk Dummies won Humo’s Rock Rally in 2012, they rehearsed in the prefab garage of father and mother Coorevits, in Desselgem. The brothers wrote their own story between breadcrumbs and coasters. Eight years later, that garage was expanded into a professional studio, filled to the brim with guitars and synths. The new record was partly created in an unheated farm in Brakel, where the brothers wrote new songs, drank wine and chased the ram that attacked Janus, but it is mainly in Desselgem, where everything once started, that the Dummies released their new songs. forged into a feverish dream.

Compact Disk Dummies are technically coming to fruition on this plate. You can feel the kilometers that the guys have grinded in recent years: from house band of De Ideale Wereld, to producing a hip-hop album (Uberdope – ‘Graag Gedaan’), writing a soundtrack (VTM series ‘De Kraak’) and a several months ago the Dummies released an EP, ‘Satellites’, of which singles ‘Cry for me’ and the eponymous title track could be heard on the radio for weeks. The EP gave the brothers back the freedom they longed for, and now flows into Neon Fever Dream: 10 songs, including one remixed song from the EP, « Easy Life. »

Lennert: « We have seen each other’s heads more than our own. But that multitude of projects kept us on our toes and also contributed a lot. At De Ideale Wereld, the time pressure of a television production requires working quickly and efficiently. And writing a soundtrack obliges you to let go of the existing music structures, to work more on sound and to tell a story without text. Janus also took a significant step forward as a producer. You can feel that in everything.  »

For the artwork of Neon Fever Dream, Compact Disk Dummies and photographer Athos Burez built a miniature village with sinking houses. Andres Algaba mixed the new album and Luuk Cox (Shameboy) jumped on board as a co-producer. Add to that a multitude of female backing vocals, jazz cats Mattias De Craene (saxophone) and Elias Devoldere (drums) in opening song ‘On Repeat’, and the temperature rises, until you are delirious from the fever and startled by the drones at night. , the heat and the hologram: ‘But we will never fall apart. There’s a life.  »





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