Manon Meurt

10/07/2017 alexandre


Manon Meurt  quartet Shoegaze de République tchèque. Deux filles, deux garçons – une atmosphère magnifique.
Ils ont entre autre été le support My Bloody Valentine dans les pays de l’est.  Leurs nouvel album très attendu sortira à l’automne avec la tournée qui s’en suit en novembre 2017.
Their sparkling songs formed by soft and transcendent vocals, hypnotic bass lines, evolving drums and reverbed guitars are the trademark of this young quartet. They have supported My Bloody Valentine in Eastern countries and since then have toured several times all over Europe and the UK.  They have also played at festivals such as Colours of Ostrava, Rock For People, Pohoda, United Islands of Prague, Waves Bratislava, Nürnberg.Pop, Brückenfestival etc…
A selection of press quotes:
« Their mix of shoe-gaze rock with catchy melodies is true ear candy, and their natural stage presence makes us think that this young band is in for a great future in music. »
– Eurosonic Noorderslag, 2015
« A widescreen beauty filled with shimmering guitarscapes, ethereal vocals and perfectly timed crescendo’s which ebb in flow in unison as a blissful shoegaze tapestry is slowly painted. Completely more-ish. »
– Just Music I Like, 2016
« This is shoegaze with the sensibility and ability to overcome the common pitfalls that shoegaze artists can sometimes inadvertently stumble into and that is sounding like other shoegaze artists. Manon Meurt has no trouble staying away from that bottomless pit of conformity. »
– Jammerzine, 2016 
« Sparse dream pop combined with more abrasive shoegaze… manage to craft effortless-sounding melodies with guy/girl vocals… stunning effort. »
–  Sounds Better With Reverb, 2016  







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