Le Prince Harry


LE PRINCE HARRY, duo from Liège (Belgium) aka ToxCity plays a direct and edgy Weird Garage Wave / Electro Synth Punk. The mix of distorded analog synths, raw basslines, semiquaver beats, nervous guitar and disturbed voice induce epilecptic trances, beer spillings and irremediable decerebration.

In Toxcity, under the never ending threat of acid rains, hairy brats play in rockboxes amongst human faeces and warm, cum-filled needles. Streets, deserted by all vaguely civilized life forms, echo with an awkward, epileptic, discordant music that pumps up the veins like a 20 kilometers line, arouses like the smell of a morning beer, exhilirates like a cracking condom. Down in a moldy basement, two mongoloids torture analog synths and machines, rape guitars and harass the bass on a background of incogruous clamors. A sparse audience of no-income marginals, with revolving eyes or pupils dilated to the extreme, sweat liters of toxins and skid rather than they dance, across puddles of blood-tainted vomit and higly acid piss. At 210 bpm, the sustained electronoid rythm allows no chance of relief, synth bass lines trigger perverted visions of mating gestures, razor-sharp riffs cut through an eyeball and the voice relentlessly announces the imminent end of the world. It’s spellbinding; listening to a track is getting ready to commit an act you’ll eternally regret, it’s like cheating on your boyfriend. It’s time to dance over the ruins to the sound of the electronic kick and to live this day as if it were the one after the last.

After a hard drive crash, a member quitting, 3 years without a release, Le Prince Harry returns to insult your intelligence on a split record and to spoil your summer festivals in a duo form. Teenage Menopause took pity on two problematic bands and brought Duchess Says and Le Prince Harry together on a piece where mongoloid synths stand up to the guitar, amid sharp beats of electrocuted pure energy .

LATEST RELEASE, 28th of April: album « SYNTHETIC LOVE » available on Bandcamp :



Date Ville Salle Pays Ticket Evènement
26 / 07 / 18 Negenharrie Off The Radar Festival Allemagne lien site billettique lien facebook
10 / 08 / 18 Nantes Transfert Festival France
22 / 09 / 18 Munster Minicave Festival France lien facebook
28 / 09 / 18 Amsterdam Pacific Parc Pays-Bas



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