That’s how fast it can go: Whereas there were still plenty of comparisons drawn up for the first album “D’Accord” in order to comprehend the thundering sound of the Aachen based trio, not even two years later it seems far more simple: FJØRT sounds like FJØRT. Whoever doesn’t know what is meant by that, has been missing out on one of the most impressive and important developments from the German post- hardcore scene for the past four years. And will learn a valuable lesson in massive sound exorcism from the band’s second album “Kontakt.”

With their album debut “D’Accord“ the band demonstrated what the EP „Demontage“ had already indicated: This is not a dubious attempt of just another post-hardcore band to also get their share of the hype. This is where the hype begins! Melodies for sleepless nights, aggression for the next detonation of doubt, anger, uncertainty and helplessness, and corroded lyrics that can only be articulated in such a way, if the writer truly believes in them, word by word.

However, the second album « Kontakt » will require a lot more from FJØRT and their fans. More consequently and homogeneously its pieces detonate precisely in our hearts. This is not a platitudes theatre. This is the truth. A captivating post-hardcore maelstrom, pointed out with resounding melancholy and Chris’ clear and easily understood vocals receive additional explosiveness. « At the end of the day, it’s about dealing with people, » says Chris, “and about what happens, when you misjudge the closeness to people for too long.” Recorded with a range of shivering-borderline hardness over to furious grief and some of the catchiest melodies ever written by this band, the Monolith “Kontakt” was created, a disturbingly beautiful manifest of interpersonal failure.

FJØRT is FJØRT. And again, not. The band is still the same that has started out four years ago with passion, fervour, and great commitment. Already for a long time, this band has become an important voice for the haunted. Its post-hardcore anthems from the album “Kontakt” will provide for the soundtrack of the year 2016.


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