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A 20 years long career and parties, 4 Albums, about fourty EP’s, dynamite live performances on stages all over the world, David Carretta is one of the most influent artist on the french electro scene since 1996.
He started in 1988 his first band with a friend equally fond of electro music in the not so exiting town of Tarbes, in the mist of the rather dark 80’S. Art Kinder Industrie, their code name, goes from industrial music, new wave to EBM.
All this before the raves and techno could show their massive beats.
The beginning of techno music in France hit the young Carretta hard. Already drawn by New Beat and Acid House, his musical tastes evolved toward heavier sound, with the influence of spontanious parties, of psychotropic substances and listening to emblematic pieces from “Underground Resistance, Hardfloor, Disko B,….”.

In 1993, David printed his first record with the mythical and ultra hype german label at the time, Harthouse, under the hypnotic name “Calyptol Inhalant”. Germany definitly adopted him when he met with DJ Hell in a tour organized by a friend in 1995. Hellmut Geier founded International Deejay Gigolos after listening to Carretta’s title “Innerwood” aka the legend. This guy from Marseille will be the very first reference of the exiting Gigolo story “I had really found the right label” .
After a few all consuming 12” vinyl, David went into higher gear, in 1999, with his first electro atypical album, “Le Catalogue Electronique” on Gigolo Records. He was inspired by the sounds heard during his adolescence, which he had left aside, with the influence of techno and had fun piling up references, from Divine to Gainsbourg as well as Plastic Bertrand, to finally reach an electro very “melting pot” with the collaboration of the “Chicks On Speed” and “Electric Indigo”.
In 2001 Carretta released “Domination EP.” on which can be found the enormous hit “Vicious Game” which powerfull melody and stubborn vocoder could bring the dead back to life.

«Kill your Radio»: an anarchic politic punk title for a devastating music, uncompromising, going against the fashion trends ravaging in 2004 when Carretta’s second album is printed. David got back in touch with his original influences: Front 242, Nitzer Ebb, D.A.F and the raw energy generated on the dancefloors. On stage, the discreet producer appeared as an incredible show man, showing a strong sexual image, full of humour, derision and movie enthusiast, inventing a manly kitsch and uninhibited character, somewhere between Giorgio Moroder and 70’s porn actor John Holmes.

But Carretta is not just a machine creating unbridled hits for BPM seeking dance floors. As early as “Kill Your Radio” and the start of his own label, Space Factory in 2003 with his wife Gigi Succès, his love for hypnotic sounds, space surges and the images of cosmic vintages. This Italo-Disco feeling seam that David currently digs in, in January 2009 with his 3rd album “Rodeo Disco”, the dream of a kid crazy about science fiction and analogic synthesizers. A discoïdal ballad through space, where you can meet Kraftwerk’s robots and the cosmonauts from the “Magic Fly” video by Space. “Rodeo Disco” could be the original soundtrack of an imaginary movie, which would borrow the best of “2001 Space odyssey”, “Cosmos 1999”, also Carpenter’s BO and an erotic Giallo of underground movie.

The electronic adventure strikes back in 2010 when David start a new project with his wife Gigi Succès called “Aerobic”. The first album, “Peace Hand”, released on Space Factory, takes his roots into New Wave and Italo-Disco with new flavor and actual sound. It could be a mix between synth pop band “Elli et Jacno” and “New Order”.

Since 2011 David Launch a techno project called “Carretta & Workerpoor” with his friend Julien. Their first ep. his released on Zone Record. The duet is in totally in tune with the powerful dark electro scene alongside partners like Arnaud Rebotini, The Hacker & Gesaffelstein.
Besides, their recent live act has left a deep impression on the audience. Their latest remixes for Arnaud Rebotini, The Horrorist & Scratch Massive have also proved that the duet is a perfect combination of efficiency and darkness. Carretta & Workerpoor have also collaborated on their last ep. with Brodinski’s muse for record label Bromance, Louisahhh !!!.
Last but not least, one of their last track “Body Control” has been selected by Erol Alkan to feature on the I Love Techno 2013 compilation.

The duet is about to release their new ep. “I.N.T.R.U.D.E.R.S” in august 2013 on Space Factory.
Already playlisted and supported by the likes of Laurent Garnier, Tiga, The Hacker, Brodinski, Dave Clarke, Christopher Kah, Louisahhh!!! Panteros 666, Maxime Dangles, Arnaud Rebotini, Acid Washed…….
A remixes ep. by Molecule, Yan Wagner, The Hacker, Millimetric will be out in September 2013.


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